CBD against psychoses- Can it help? [December 2018]

Experiencing a psychosis is anything but fun and around 50 million people all over the world are affected by this disease. Current studies also suggest that CBD brings an effect to the body that has an antipsychotic effect. For this reason, CBD is able to relieve the symptoms. experience you more!

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Cannabis and psychoses

Often you can read it: The consumption of cannabis affects negative on the psyche and causes psychosis. Every cannabis user has a two to three times higher risk of becoming ill with a psychosis in the course of his life than someone who does not use cannabis. However, it has now been discovered that the plant can also be attributed to an antipsychotic effect. The researchers themselves have not yet fully understood why this is so and how the modes of action cancel each other out, but the secret is about to be revealed.


Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) can favour a psychosis, CBD (Cannabidiol), but counteracts it. It's not as inexplicable as it seems at first. The body is able to produce independent cannabinoids.
They are also known as endocannabinoids and are involved in controlling some processes in the brain. For this reason, THC and CBD dock at different points in the brain and trigger different effects. However, both are active ingredients in the plant. In special processes, however, the two active ingredients can be extracted separately, which makes the application of the individual building blocks possible. As soon as one's own perception is disturbed and one's own perceived reality is influenced, one speaks of problems with the psyche. In a CBD pharmacy, which is now increasingly in existence and specialized in trading CBD products, you can purchase helpful CBD products in various forms and strengths.


for ADHD also likes to work with CBD. The deficits can thus balance each other out and calm the body. A normal life is possible again. It's the same with patients with Crohn's disease. CBD for Crohn's disease helps you to relax your muscles and relax. The leading manufacturer of CBD products in the current market is Candropharm.

What's a psychosis?

In a psychosis not only the whole being changes. Sometimes the person concerned also hears strange voices or feels uncanny persecuted by someone. Even if the person concerned is usually in a familiar environment, the threat can easily come from a close person who feels attacked or persecuted. The affected person loses all reference to his or her own body perception and often interprets things that do not exist. This can lead to severe anorexia or increased eating behaviour. It is also noticeable that a person who suffers a psychosis has a changed way of thinking. He perceives his environment and his surroundings formally in a completely different way. The topics addressed often do not result in any connections in the common conversation and they talk confusedly confused, then often immediately change the current topic into a completely different one. Who suffers from a very strong psychosis is often no longer able to manage his everyday life without outside help.
Of course, not every psychosis can be generalized and the symptoms can be completely different.
Nevertheless, there are first signs that suggest that such a clinical picture develops in one's own body. If the first signs are detected, immediate action makes sense. The sooner the better! If the psychosis is very bad and of long duration, it could be observed that affected persons often give up their social contacts completely and completely unite, because they withdraw from the outside world as good as possible and only go out on the street when it is really absolutely necessary. Although such symptoms often occur some time earlier, they are usually not associated with a possible psychosis.

Types of psychosis

Psychoses can be classified into two main categories in their upper group: Psychoses of non-organic origin and psychoses of organic origin. While a psychosis which is not of organic origin usually needs a longer period of time and several triggers until it develops, is recognized and treated, an organic psychosis comes quite suddenly. An organic psychosis can be treated more quickly because here the origin is already found, mental disorders by affected organs. This is different for a non-organic psychosis. The first step here is to find the causes.

Treatment for psychoses

The earlier against psychoses is traded, the higher the successes in therapy. Of course, the psyche of the person concerned also plays an important role when viewed in detail. The patient usually receives neuroleptics from the doctor. They are supposed to alleviate the symptoms and improve the psychological mood. Antidepressants are also successfully used here. But if you don't want to fall back on the chemical variant and thus perhaps risk further organic damage, you should dare to use psycherdi. But be sure to buy products of impeccable quality and a good price. Meanwhile there is a special cannabis oil guidebook. Here, those affected can obtain sufficient information and find out which concentration suits them best.

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CBD as an oil correctly administered is therefore quite able to minimize psychotic anxiety or to eliminate in the long run completely. It cannot be taken for granted that all messenger substances in the brain interact cleanly. Create lasting relief with CBD against psychoses.

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