CBD and THC - 7 important facts [December 2018]

Anyone who is informed about THC on the Internet will quickly become aware of CBD. CBD can be freely buy and consumed. Is CBD the first free legal drug in Germany? The answer can be found in the following article.

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CBD and THC and what you need to know about it

If you inform yourself about CBD, you will find out that it is a pure natural product. Regarding the CBD buy you have to know that there is differences. This difference, which is decisive for CBD, is Tetrahdydrocannabinol. This substance is better known as CBDrdi and is the be-all and end-all for the intoxication effect of a drug. And this brings us to the answer to the question asked at the beginning: is CBD a legal drug? CBD is legal, you can consume it. CBD's not a drug, though, independent of the CBDrdi. Because with CBD vs. CBDrdi, you have to know that the decisive factor here is not mere presence. What is important here is the quantity and content of CBDrdi. Regarding CBD, this is regulated in Germany based on an EU directive, so the maximum CBDrdi content allowed may not exceed 0.2 percent. Due to this maximum value of 0.2 percent, no drug intoxication can occur. And this principle applies regardless of the dosage in which CBD is consumed.

The offers differ

If you look at CBD's offers, you will see that there are differences here. These deviations are not only noticeable in the CBD and THC, but above all in the shape of the taking. So you can drink it steam with CBD back painrdi, you can drink it with a good CBD tea, you can apply it over CBD Wax or with CBD drops take. Each of the individual forms naturally has its advantages and disadvantages. If you use CBD for example for the relief of back Pain, then the variant with wax offers itself here. Because by this one can apply it simply to the appropriate places the Pain. Surely some readers will ask themselves, why should one CBD take, if it has no intoxicating effect? Although it can come to no intoxication, CBD with its components like the THC is a good product. Which, as already mentioned, can be used, for example, to alleviate the Pain. But CBD is also a good place to relax. In general, CBD has numerous effects, ranging from anxiolytic, anti-inflammatory to relief of Pain. For this reason, it is also used today for a variety of diseases and complaints. As far as side effects is concerned, you don't have to worry too much, as numerous scientific studies have shown. First and foremost, the European Union's investigations. This also applies to the THC in CBD.

Always pay attention to the value of 0.2 percent

If you decide on a product with CBDrdi for the purchase von CBD, you should always keep to the value of 0.2 percent. Certainly some readers will ask themselves, why one should pay attention to it, finally it is prescribed. But it is precisely when it comes to the purchase of products outside the European Union that there may be differences in value. For example, the CBDrdi salary here can be significantly higher than is permissible in our country. To illustrate this with an example, one gets CBD from the Switzerland so there is another maximum CBDrdi salary here. Switzerland is one such country, where it is significantly higher at one percent. By the CBDrdi in CBD there is a small disadvantage where one can come under suspicion in a control. Because if you consume a lot of CBD with CBDrdi, you can notice it on a drug test. There's nothing to worry about. Such a positive reviews can easily be invalidated by further investigations.

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Whether it's CBD with without THCrdi or without THC, it's not a drug. It is a dietary supplement, although it has a number of good properties. It is often used for the relief of Pain. With regard to the without THCrdi at CBD, it must be borne in mind that this value is limited to 0.2 percent and is correspondingly low. Due to the 0.2 percent, there can be no intoxication. With CBD's buy, you always have to keep an eye on the without THCrdi's value. Because there are also countries like the Switzerland where you can get CBD with a higher without THCrdi content buy. The consumption of without THCrdi can lead to a positive drug test, but it cannot have any consequences.

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