CBD cuttings - 7 important facts [December 2018]

You can also grow hemp or Cannabis yourself for your own use. The easiest way to propagate your mother plant is through cuttings. In the following article you will learn how to clone your favorite plant with cuttings.

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CBD indoors or outdoors?

If you want to grow your own hemp as a tea or ornamental plant, you can do so both indoors and outdoors. A disadvantage of outdoor cultivation is that it is difficult for you to control the conditions. The danger that your plant will die due to unfavourable weather conditions is much greater in outdoor cultivation.
A disadvantage of the cultivation in the house is that the available space is limited. You must therefore limit yourself to a small number of cuttings. A big advantage of raising your cuttings indoors is that you can do this all year round.

General tips for growing CBD cuttings

It is extremely important that your CBD cuttings have as little THC as possible. Ideally, this proportion should be significantly less than 1 percent. Furthermore you should only use biological pesticides. If you use chemical pesticides against pests, you won't do your health much good later on when you consume your CBD products. If you buy cuttingss, you must make sure that they have already been treated with chemicals.
There are big differences in the quality of the offered cuttings. An offshoot that has no strong, healthy roots will not bring you the hoped-for rich harvest. It is therefore particularly important that you only buy vital, strong cuttings.
The advantages of self-growing are obvious. You know the quality and the effect of the variety and save a lot of money, because the costs for a treatment with CBD are not covered by the health insurances except for a few exceptions.

Plant parts that you can harvest and process

You can harvest and process almost all parts of the plant. CBD blossoms can be dried to make paste, Oil and ointment. To extract CBD from the plant, alcohol-extraction can be recommended as the easiest method for home use.

Cannabis plant propagated by cuttings

You will enjoy growing your own cannabis plants. The care of the plants requires care and patience. It is very likely that your new hobby will become a passion. When you order a cuttings or cut from a mother plant, you are on your way to becoming a CBD connoisseur.
Before you start, you must decide whether you want to reproduce your plants with CBD seeds or clone them with cuttings. Both possibilities have advantages and disadvantages. The selection of the optimal option decides on failure or success.
Although at first glance it seems easy to make a cuttings blossom, cloning is the more difficult option of plant propagation. It is basically much easier to work with seeds right from the start. Regardless of the method used, it is important that all CBD plants are generally very susceptible to pests and fungi.
Cuttings are genetically one-hundred-percent images of the mother plant. If the mother plant has health problems, it also has the clone. The branch can enter.
A freshly cut shoot is also very sensitive. You must expect a shock phase after transplanting. To overcome this phase, the clone needs certain amounts of nutrients and light.

CBD plants from seeds

Reproduction by seeds is a problem-free and safe method. It is not so difficult to grow a strong, healthy plant from a tiny seed.
You can buy CBDrdi of your favourite variety at a seed bank or in the online shop order. You know what kind of CBD you get. You can also use online buy to create exclusively feminised CBDrdi, from which only female plants grow. This is beneficial as only female hemp plants CBD form blossoms and buds. The semen method is especially recommended for beginners.

Different variations to consume CBD

In the online shop you can buy Liquidrdi buy. Liquidrdi products are offered to you for example as Liquidrdi Liquid, Liquidrdi crystals. You can not only eat cannabis oil, drink it and use it externally as a car Cigarette, but also Liquidrdi smoke, for example to relax.

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