CBD drug test - 7 important facts [December 2018]

Those who consume CBD and see the police in traffic will certainly have sweat beads on their foreheads. Because there are always reports that CBD can be detected in a drug test. What's right about it and what you need to know about a drug test in a police check can be found in the following article experience.

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Consumption is legal

The consumption of cannabidiol, or CBD for short, is free and legal in Germany. And this applies not only to consumption, but also to the positiverdi and his companions. So in this context you don't have to worry about a control. Due to his effect, cannabidiol is often consumed by CBD osteoporosis or other diseases, after the CBD menopause or simply to feel better. CBD may be consumed in Germany with a maximum THC content of 0.2 per cent. This number of 0.2 percent should be kept in mind, because it is important. But before we explain why this is so important, you have to know that there are not always CBD with THC. Here there is differences between the products. So there is pure CBD here, but also CBD with THC traces. Whether with THC or without, there is no intoxicating effect. They also say that CBD is not psychoactive. This has the simple background that the THC salary is too low. But the THC in the cannabidiol can cause a drug test positive to fail. This is particularly true when larger quantities of CBD with a THC content have been consumed and the product is permanent. Even though there is no intoxicating effect or another side effect at high consumption, the THC can be proved.

Drug test and traceability

Basically you have to know that the police will only check for drugs if they have an initial suspicion. But here it usually already fails. Because there is no rushing effect by the cannabidiol, it does not come here usually to the typical red eyes or to a reduction of the reflexes. Unfortunately, side effects can also occur in connection with the consumption of CBD, such as drowsiness. Such signs can, of course, be a reason for the police to take a close look during an inspection. As a rule, a drug wipe test is then used. Within a few seconds there is a result here. If you've consumed pure CBD, you don't have to worry here. Because without THC won't be reviews positive. It may look different if you have consumed CBD with THC. Here it can come in addiction of the CBD and the consumption to a positive result. If this is the case, further investigations will be carried out. Here, for example, a blood or an urine test. Of course, the question often arises here, How long can you detect CBD in your urine?? Basically one cannot prove CBD in itself, but only the THC if it is present in a sufficient concentration. If this is the case one can prove the consumption retroactively in an urine sample up to 3 weeks.

Caution when shopping with cannabidiol

As explained relatively at the beginning, CBD products such as CBD Liquid, such as CBD paste may be consumed with a maximum THC content. Especially if you buy CBD over the Internet, you should always pay attention to the products here. Because unfortunately CBD is not the same as CBD. So you have to know that there is differences at the limits. Where the limit value in Germany is 0.2 percent for THC, it is a full percent in Switzerland, for example. The audi of such a product with CBD would not only affect negative on a drug test, which is guaranteed to be positive, but is also not allowed. This applies not only to consumption, but also to the negativerdi and the Germany ride. So you should be careful here and check exactly what kind of products you buy here.

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CBD is available as a pure product with a maximum THC content of 0.2 percent. A drug test at a pure CBD consumption will not fail negative. And even with a THC salary of 0.2 percent, he usually remains a negative. Whereby this is strong from the consumption, that is the amount of addicted. The THC can be detected in urine for up to three weeks with appropriate consumption. With CBD's purchase, you should always be careful what you buy. Since there are different permissible limit values within Europe. Existing CBD products should be checked for their THC content and only approved products should be used.

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