CBD legal in Europe and USA - 7 important facts [December 2018]

Again and again the question is asked whether CBD is in Germany or in another country legal? This question can still be answered relatively easily. This is only the case at first glance. Because there are various traps lurking here. It gets really complicated when you want to travel with your CBD. Can it be used to travel to England, Poland or the United States?

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This is the legal from CBD in Germany

Before we will deal with the legal abroad, we will illuminate the legal in Germany. In Germany the sale, the purchase, the possession and also the consumption of CBD is free and legal. And this applies both to CBD as a pure product and with a THC content. Whereby there are strict specifications with regard to the THC content in CBD. The height of this is limited, in this case to a maximum limit value of 0.2 percent. This has the simple background, although CBD has a positive attitude towards humans, it is not intoxicating as one knows it from other drugs with THC. Because the THC is responsible for the rushing effect. This rushing effect can unfold however only if the THC content is sufficiently high. And that's exactly not allowed with CBD. Because here it must not come to a rushing effect. Furthermore, you have to know that CBD may only be bought by adults in Germany. The possession of CBD by minors is illegal, this also applies to the sale. If you consider these points, you won't have any trouble consuming CBD in Germany.

Unified legal in the European Union

If you're going on a trip, for example to United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain or Austria, what does it look like? Is CBD there like legal in Germany? This question can be answered with a clear yes. Anyone travelling within the European Union does not need to worry about carrying CBD blossoms, CBD grass, CBD grassrdi, CBD Hepatitis or CBD hash. Of course, this also applies to consumption. The EU Directive 2002/46& EC applies to all member states and this is binding. Accordingly, CBD is approved as a food supplement. And here's another small note: the directive even recommends the daily consumption of CBD. This is astonishing, especially when Germany is confronted with questions about the permissibility or the failure of a drug test. But back: Here too, the purchase, the possessions, the carry-along and the consumption are legal. The same parameters also apply here, the CBD may have a maximum THC content of 0.2 percent. In addition, you must be at least 18 years old for consumption. Warning: Especially on future trips to England from March 2019 onwards you have to be careful. Since England is leaving the European Union, it is unclear which legal applies there with regard to CBD. This could lead to fundamental changes.

Watch out in the Switzerland

But be careful, the forbiddenrdi described so far applies exclusively to the European Union and its member countries. For example, these regulations do not apply in the Switzerland. Although CBD is also permitted there. There is, however, a huge difference here, in contrast to the European Union, namely in the quantity of THC. While in the EU this is limited to the already mentioned value of 0.2 percent, in the Switzerland it is up to a full percent. If you travel to the Switzerland now and buy CBD there, you have to be very careful with it. Because such a CBD with such a high THC content is in the EU forbidden. Accordingly one should not travel with it to Germany. By the way, even those who like to buy their CBD on the Internet should be careful. This applies in particular to the purchase of dealers who have their headquarters outside the European Union. If, for example, you had CBD from the Switzerland with his THC salary of one percent buy and sent to Germany, this would be a criminal offence. As it has already been mentioned, a clear excess of the THC content would be.

Legal in the United States and generally

If one wants to travel to the United States, one has to be very careful here in connection with CBD. Here one must know that the legislation is incumbent on the individual federal states. Accordingly, there is no uniform regulation. So there are corresponding regulations in the United States only in 31 states and the District of Columbia. If you want to travel here to the United States, you should find out in advance what the legal is like in the respective state. Here you also have to be careful when travelling through different states because of the different legals. If you want to be on the safe side, you don't have to take CBD with you on the trip and buy it locally if necessary. Especially those who travel outside the European Union should always check the legals on the spot. If necessary, an enquiry with the respective embassy can be made here. It's a way to avoid possible trouble.

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Whoever travels in Germany or generally in the member countries of the European Union needs to deal with the question is CBD legal, not deal with it. An EU directive provides a uniform basis for this. Thus, all CBD products, including those with THC, are permitted with a maximum value of 0.2 percent. Besides, you have to be of age. That's all there is to it. In countries like Switzerland, the THC value is different. Here we should pay particular attention to the purchase of CBD, because taking him to a country of the European Union would be forbidden and would entail a penalty. When travelling to the United States, one must know that there is no uniform legal. Rather, the laws differ between the individual states. Here you should also pay attention when travelling between the states. In general, one should refrain from taking CBD on such trips and check the legal on the spot or in advance via the embassy, and CBD on the spot buy. Also because there can be differences here regarding the THC and its salary.

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