CBD on prescription - 7 important facts [December 2018]

Cannabidiol, CBD helps with a variety of diseases due to its composition. cannabidiol is legal, you can do it accordingly free buy. Especially when it is used for illnesses, the question of costs and assumption naturally arises. Is there a way to get CBD on prescription here? The answers to these questions can be found in the following article.

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CBD is not a medicine

CBD with its composition has a multitude of effects due to the CBD extract, which can be particularly effective in diseases such as cancer or CBD fibromyalgia Germanyrdi. These good effects have not only been shown in humans, but also in animals such as CBD for dogs. For example, CBD has an anxiety-relieving, but also anti-epileptic, neuroprotective, anti-psychotic and anti-inflammatory effect. Especially because of this effect it is used with pleasure, also because you can use it free buy, it is without prescription. That's what the CBD experience showed. But especially if you are dependent on CBD to have the anxiety-relieving effect as an example, this is of course also associated with costs. Depending on the amount that is dosed here, the costs for daily consumption can be considerable. Here, of course, the question arises as to whether the health insurance will cover the costs. Basically, you have to know that CBD is not available in Germany as a medicine. Although CBD can be used in a variety of buy forms, it is not a medicine. Rather, it is approved as a dietary supplement. Other countries like the United States are already further along, CBD is also officially available as a drug called Epidiolex. An application for approval has also been filed in the European Union, but no approval recommendation has yet been issued. However, doctors and authorities such as the Federal Institute for Drugs and Health Products have now recognised the good properties of CBD in the treatment of certain diseases.

How to get to the CBD on prescription

If you can't or don't want to pay now, you can have CBD prescribed by your doctor. This is where the Federal Institute for Drugs and Health Products now also speaks that in such a case CBD only available on prescription is. But you have to be careful here, the health insurance companies are not obliged to pay the costs. Rather, one must apply for this from one's health insurance company accordingly. A little hint: There are now numerous recommendations on the Internet as to what such a letter of application on prescription could look like. If you get CBD on prescription through your health insurance, you can't just get CBD free buy afterwards. Rather one is due to the fact that one acquires CBD prescription, one must refer here this over a pharmacy. Here, however, the fact that CBD does not exist as a drug comes into play again. Rather, a pharmacy has to produce the CBD himself on the basis of a recipe. This should be taken into account, as the running times are correspondingly longer. Not only with regard to the approval practice of the health insurance, but also for the manufacturing of CBD by a local pharmacy. In this case, the amount of CBD consumed must always be taken into account in terms of duration. Accordingly, one should always seek appropriate recipes and approvals at an early stage.

No other effect

Regarding the active ingredients, there is no differences between CBD from the pharmacy and the Handelt. This also applies to the CBDrdi component, which may not exceed 0.2 percent even in such a case. So you don't have to worry about whether CBD from the pharmacy is different from CBD from the trade. So you have another effect that can affect side effects or CBD driver's license. Since the composition here is the same, especially at CBDrdi's salary.

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Unfortunately, CBD in Germany is not yet a medicine, but rather a dietary supplement. And this although CBD is no longer doubted that it has a very good effect for certain diseases. It is due to this circumstance of the missing recognition as a medicine that one does not get so simply a CBD on prescription. Rather, you have to have it prescribed by your doctor and then apply to your health insurance company. Of course, this involves a lot of effort. Corresponding formulation aids are available on the Internet. If it has been approved by your health insurance company, you must have CBD produced exclusively by a pharmacy. A Germanyrdi of finished products from the trade is not possible, because it lacks the necessary recognition as a drug. Accordingly, it can take a long time here between prescription, approval and manufacturing of CBD. It should be mentioned that a health insurance company is not obliged to pay the costs.

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