CBD pregnancy - 7 important facts [December 2018]

CBD smoke, CBD Liquid or a CBD ointment, there are a variety of ways to consume it. But especially with women the question arises again and again, what is in a pregnancy or if I want to become Pregnant? Can you then continue cannabidiol (CBD) take or not?

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There are different opinions

The question about the taking or the application of CBD to the skin can be answered with a clear no. CBD and pregnancy usually do not get along. But the opinions are a little bit different. Those who inform themselves about this on the Internet will be able to ascertain three points of view. The first point of view is that you may also consume CDB during pregnancy, but only after consulting your doctor. The second opinion says you can during pregnancy CDB harmlessly and even later in a possible breastfeeding take. This is justified because the CBDrdi would still help even during pregnancy. Since it would help with known pregnancy conditions like nausea. The fact that there is no danger is based on the User reviews of women who have not given up CBD during pregnancy. The other opinion is that you should not do this if you are pregnant. And it doesn't matter whether it's a cartte with CBD or CBD crystals. It is of course difficult for a pregnant woman to judge what to do now. What can you believe?

Scientific findings: That's why you shouldn't have a CBD take

Basically, one should perhaps approach this question of whether CBD in pregnancy yes or no from another side. Namely, on the question of what scientific findings there are on this subject. And here, among other things, there is a study from 2013 in which CBDrdi identified effects on the proteins. Specifically, the P-glycoprotein and the cancer-Resitance-Protein. Both proteins are very important for the function of the placenta in automobiles. A well functioning placenta is essential for the healthy development of a baby. If you were take anyway, you would have to reckon with disturbances in the development of the baby. In all other respects it is irrelevant in which dosage or which kind the CBD is taken in. Even the smallest dosage can have an effect on the proteins, as the study shows. Especially under these aspects, one should refrain from the taking and the CBD buy. The risk of impairments here is too high. The same scientific conclusion was reached by the World Health Organization in November 2017. Here impairments on the proteins were confirmed. However, the World Health Organization came to a different conclusion. Caution is advised and it is recommended to take CBD only after consulting your doctor to see if there are medical reasons not to take it.

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Although there are different opinions on the taking of cannabidiol during pregnancy, the scientific findings speak for themselves. Investigations have shown that this has an effect on important proteins. These proteins are important for the function of the placenta. For this reason, CBD's taking is generally not recommended during pregnancy. Here also the height of the dosage of the CBD plays no role, as the scientific investigations have shown.

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