CBG / cannabigerol - 7 important facts [December 2018]

CBGrdi (CBG) belongs to the group of cannabinoids along with the more well-known substances cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). These plant active substances unfold a very unusual effect in the human nervous system and are currently being traded as new remedies for many diseases that were previously considered incurable.

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Occurrence of cannabigerol

About 100 cannabinoids are known so far. The CBG or its acid precursor CBGA is a precursor to the formation of other active ingredients such as CBD and THC. CBG is said to be directly related to five other plant compounds: cannabigerovarin (CBGV), cannabineroleic acid A (CBNA), cannabigerovaric acid A (CBNVA), and CBG monomethylether CBGM and CBGAM.
In the course of plant growth, CBG transforms into these other substances or is involved in their formation. In adult plants, the CBG share is therefore only about 1 percent. To win CBG, the plants must be harvested very early.

What is the current state of research?

The cannabinoids were already discovered in the 1960s and 1975 isolated for the first time for precursor CBGA from the plant. Although the group of hemp active ingredients has been known for some time, research has come to a standstill. The handling and cultivation of hemp varieties of all kinds was difficult until the end of the last century. From time to time, all hemp varieties, including hemp with little THC content, were subject to a strict ban on cultivation. For some time now, however, this has been changing and since substances such as CBD and THC have been traded as possible cures for against Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, interest and promotion of research are growing again. So far, THCrdi has been considered a promising drug for inflammatory bowel disease, multiple sclerosis and for psoriasis.

The effect of CBG

CBG is thought to dock to the CB1 and CB2 receptors of the human endocannabinoid system in a similar way to all other cannabionoids. This particular part of the nervous system is closely related to severe neurological diseases, anxiety disorders and stress. A further connection exists to the general well-being, the defensive forces and balance of the human body as well as the psyche. In stress situations, the body withdraws its own cannabinoids and a deficiency develops. If these substances are supplied from outside, imbalances can be compensated.

CBD - the big brother

While the CBD has already found great popularity among alternative and complementary remedies, CBG is only at the beginning of his career. cannabidiol is already offered in numerous products from CBD drops to CBD Liquid to CBD dropsrdi. The precursor substance CBG is currently only available as oil and tea, although it is to be expected that the market will offer much more in the course of the next few years.
If you have already made good experience with CBD, the effect of the "little brother" could also be interesting for you and worth a try.

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CBG, its research and product diversity are still in their infancy. But we can assume that we will also hear a lot more about the cannabionoid CBG in the future. Oils as well as the tea are offered so far only by some few manufacturers like "hemp health" or "MediCann". If you prefer to have a rich assortment of Cannabinoid products, you can find all popular hempöl and CBD products in our partner shop. The website also offers a comprehensive guide to CBD and his effect. <font color="#ffff00">Sync by honeybunny <font color="#ffff00">a href="/en/cbd-studies">studies-major-minor-cannabinoid/

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