Endoca Review - 5 Surprising Facts [December 2018]

Endoca claims no less than "We produce the best CBD oil in the world" - and probably they are right. The company is indeed considered one of the pioneers in this field, with its own research, plant breeding and mission. The product range includes CBD oils pure or in various dosage forms such as capsules, chewing gum or skin care products.

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The company Endoca

The Danish company was founded by a gentleman named Henry Vincenty and his family looks back on a long tradition in hemp cultivation and the pressing of their own oils. Vincenty originally studied biotechnology and genetic engineering. Through his experience in the development aid and with the immunodeficiency disease AIDS in Africa he came to his drive to find herbal and easily available remedies. He finally found the hemp - and probably also obvious due to the family history. Since then, he and his company have devoted themselves to research into plants and the production of interesting products based on the miracle active ingredient CBD.

Endoca and the hemp cultivation

Although cannabis itself had a certain tolerance as an intoxicant in Denmark, the large scale cultivation of the plant was also not possible for the Endoca founder for a long time. In 1997, a successful lawsuit finally brought down the ban on cultivation throughout Europe and the road was clear. Since then the company has grown and prospered, with Endoca placing great emphasis on organic farming and responsible use of the earth. Herny Vincenty's vision is to make CBD and the beneficial hemp extracts as normal as salt and pepper in every household until 2030. If you don't know the beneficial products around hemp and its active ingredients yet, this is a great opportunity to catch up.

Cannabinoids in the human body

The name "Endoca" stands for the first part of a system of nerve strands and receptors, which are completely called the endocannabinoid system. Although it has been known for some time, very little was taught and researched about it until it was rediscovered a few years ago. This part of the nervous system is closely related to the body's own defence, general well-being and physical and mental balance. A clinical endocannabinoid deficiency could be observed in connection with several diseases of civilization such as depression, migraine and irritable bowel syndrome as well as in severe diseases ranging from epilepsy to cancer to neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson's or Alzheimer's disease.

The cannabis oilss of Endoca

Again and again everything revolves around CBD, the cannabidiol and at the same time the very special active ingredient from the hemp. Endoca offers oils with a concentrated CBD extract in two variants with 15 or 3 percent CBD content. You can also choose between the "raw" hemp oil, which is extracted extra gently, and the conventional oil. In any case, the products are there for every purse and the best does not always have to be the most expensive! The oils are offered in small pipette bottles from which the CBD cannabidiolrdi can be dosed simply and directly onto the oral mucosa. The CBD effect then normally unfolds within a few minutes. If you don't feel anything it can be that you wait too tense for an effect. After some time there is also a kind of habituation, the effect isn't even so noticeable, but still there.

Cannabis crystals

The crystalline form of the CBDrdi has a very special degree of purity. An extended form of extraction almost completely eliminates all other plant by-products. In the end, the CBD is 99 percent concentrated and thus virtually pure. Whether you want to use crystals or not is first and foremost a matter of taste, because many people simply can't stand the somewhat special and bitter taste of hemp oils. For them, the crystals are a welcome, albeit somewhat more expensive, alternative. The crystalline shape of the CBD is also considered to be particularly easy to dose and of really almost 100 percent consistent quality. Please note that all plant products are otherwise subject to certain fluctuations, which can also depend on the growing region and the weather in the harvest year. Otherwise, the same spectrum of possible applications applies to crystals as to oils and all other CBD products.

The skin care series

Endoca's skin care line includes a healing ointment, body butter and lip care. The assortment is clear and simply structured and gets along without much bells and whistles. hemp is characterized by a special compatibility in skin care. More and more skin types are rebelling against too intensive care and especially if this is done with conventional strong chemical cosmetics. If you have skin problems, especially dry, scaly skin, eczema or acne, hemp skin care products may be just right for you. Due to the fact that the cultivation of hemp is still very unadulterated and does not require any herbicides or fungicides, the products bring a certain purity and cleanliness from the ground up.

Chewing gums, capsules and suppositories

A rather ingenious product from Endoca are the CBD-containing chewing gums, which are now also available from several other manufacturers. Like all hemp oil and CBD products, they have their own taste and smell, which you can like, get used to or simply hate right away. If you belong to the last group and still don't want to do without cannabidiol, you can also use capsules, which contains the CBD Liquid. In the case of particularly sensitive people, even then oil from the stomach can evaporate unpleasantly or burp out. But elbst remembers Endoca and has also launched a CBD suppository on the market.

It's a fact that there are many products on the cannabidiol market that are of inferior quality and do not show the effect you are looking for. With the help of our readers, we have put together this CBD purchase advice where you will find high-quality products at the best price.

Endoca is one of the leading players in the hemp business alongside other top suppliers such as Enecta and Hemptouch. The products are simple, sophisticated and effective. In the reviews of many enthusiastic users, the oils and extracts always perform very well. In the end, however, everyone has to try out the cannabidiol and its effect on their own bodies and on their own topics. Endoca certainly covers the whole range of wishes and applications perfectly. The products are available in specialist shops or from Endoca itself in its own online Shop. The website also offers one of the most comprehensive and best petrol oil guides for reading all the details.

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